Located on the beautiful Ottawa River next to the famous Algonquin Park, K/O Mountain River Lodge offers many different fishing adventures for the beginning fisherman to the avid angler. Between fishing the Ottawa River and any of our over 45 back lakes in the area there is no end to the types of fishing to explore. Great Northern Pike, Trophy Walleye, “Surface to Air Small Mouth Bass, Big Large Mouth Bass, 50 inch plus Muskellunge, Gar pike and Sturgeon are just some of the amazing fishing opportunities we offer in the area.


One of the staples of the Ottawa River itself, our area is well known for the abundance of excellent walleye fishing. The large deep river system has lots of rocky surfaces and fresh cool water which is the perfect ecosystem for Walleye and Sauger alike to thrive in large numbers. Eating walleye for dinner every night is always an option and highly encouraged.

Northern Pike

With the amount of feeder fish and plentiful bodies of water for in our area Northern Pike thrive. The large deep bodies of water provide the fish with plenty of room to grow, leading to some great trophy Pike up to 48″ long. They make for a great target for trophy fisherman and those looking for a little action.


One of the more sought after trophy fish of our area the Muskellunge or “Musky.”  We have a few Musky lakes in our area as well as plentiful Musky in the Ottawa River that provide a vast amount of action for Musky fishermen of all likes. With large 50″ plus Musky in the area as well as hybrid Tiger Musky we have something for everyone.

Small and Large Mouth Bass

Over 45 back lakes in the area combined with 4 river systems equals a lot of Bass fishing adventures to be had. With low fishing pressure, in an area surrounded by water K/O Mountain River Lodge can set you up with a new lake and adventure everyday. We can average anywhere from 60 to 100 bass a day in our back lakes. That combined with sizes averaging anywhere from 3 to 5 pounds its enough to keep even the most seasoned Bass fishers wanting more!

And much, much more…

This beautiful area and healthy eco-system gives us access to many other types of fish as well. From Gar-pike, Sturgeon and Catfish to Perch, Splake and Trout. There is so much variety fishing to do and water to explore, you can try something new everyday!