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How To Data Recovery Deleted Files How To Data Recovery From Formatted USB Drive

Based on the above, we can conclude that files can get deleted due to a number of reasons and in several ways. Either way, the process of deleting files suggests their possible data recovery, with a few rare exceptions (for example, in most cases, you can’t recover deleted files from an SSD ). Visit our channel to watch an introductory video on data recovery from SSD drives and when possible: “Recovering Data from SSD after Deleting Files or Formatting Drive” .

However, it would be wrong to say that when files are deleted, they are completely deleted from the hard drive.

When files are commonly deleted, they are moved to the Windows Recycle Bin and remain there until they are somehow emptied. If the deleted files are in Windows Recycle Bin , you can recover them easily with the tool’s built-in features.

When hard-deleted, files are never placed in the Windows Recycle Bin although they still physically exist on the hard drive – but in a hidden form from the operating system. When a file is deleted, only the information showing the location of the file, its size and other parameters disappears, while the contents of the file are still on the hard disk.

The operating system uses a clearly structured table to allocate files and create a catalog made up of indexes specifying the place of each file on the hard disk. When such an index is deleted, the corresponding file becomes invisible to the operating system, and the disk space occupied by the file is marked as free. This means that this disk space does not contain any Twitter data and it is available at any time to write new information. 

Data Recovery

Once the indexless space is overwritten, recovering the deleted files that were there before saving the new data will become a real challenge. Long story short, no more free disk space exists after deleting indexes, the higher the chances of that space being overwritten – meaning losing previously written data. Thus, the shorter the period of time between the time of file deletion and the start of recovery actions, the higher the chances of successful recovery.

That’s why you should start working on file recovery immediately after deleting files.

Deleted files that you cannot see in the Windows Recycle Bin can be recovered either with the utilities built into the Windows operating system or with third-party file recovery software. Now let’s analyze each method in detail.

File recovery with Windows Backup is possible if there is a backup that you saved earlier. There are several simple actions you can take to recover deleted files. You can open the application window to help you recover files from Windows backup by going to Control Panel or Settings . As Microsoft developers try to move the main settings of the Windows operating system to the application of the same name, Settings, to make things more convenient for users, this is where we will show you the first method.

Open the Settings app in any way you prefer, for example, by pressing the Windows + I keyboard shortcut . In the application window, swipe down and select the Update & Security section .

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