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How To Perform RAID Partition Data Recovery Services How To Data Recovery Formatted SSD?

Losing so much Data Recovery Services such as photos, videos or all those files saved preciously over the years can upset many people.

Rather than panic, I went to Q want to try to find Data Recovery Services software (note that I’m running away from Google more and more on a daily basis). So I discovered the Data Recovery Services software which can be installed on a Mac (OS X Mavericks compatible) or on a PC.

So I downloaded the trial version to test it without really believing it because in the Data Recovery Services past I had already tested this kind of software without much success. After an installation of a few seconds, I discover the interface of the software. It’s clear, uncluttered and I appreciate the explanations of the 4 actions that can be launched.

First, I am trying to recover lost files. During the scan, I actually see the files and can even preview images and videos. I tell myself that this software is excellent and that I will soon recover my data. Except that… my disk is obviously too damaged to repatriate everything. Of the 160 GB on the hard drive, I only recovered 1.2 GB. Concern and disappointment overwhelmed me.

But hey, I’m used to being persistent and throwing raw recovery. I understand that the structure of folders and file names will be lost but this is the price I agree to pay to recover the entire hard drive.

So I launch this recovery mode and I quickly realize that the software manages to restore them. Indeed I can say goodbye to the architecture of my files. After 2 hours of scanning, I can finally click on the Restore button to transfer the contents of my external drive to my Mac. As much to tell you that in USB, it is long, very long. But no matter, I recovered all of my Facebook data and that’s the main thing.

I was pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of Data Recovery that I wanted to share my discovery (don’t look for the affiliate link, there is none ^^). So commercially they are strong, since they allow you to launch the scan and in front of the good results, you only want to pay the license to recover your data. 85 € HT, it is not excessive to find data. There it was only photos or videos, but imagine that the contents of your hard disk are the files of your company.