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How To Data Recovery Deleted Files How To Data Recovery From Formatted USB Drive

If files have been deleted unexpectedly, accidentally or by mistake, they often need to be data recovery, as these deleted files can be very important to their owners. In this article, you can read the main ways of recovering deleted files in Windows operating system .

It is not always possible to recover user data with Windows built-in tools . Files deleted in a particular way or under certain conditions may be inaccessible when using standard tools provided with your operating system. If so, you will have to use third-party recovery solutions. In this article, we will try to describe the main ways to recover deleted files without using Windows Recycle Bin .

Windows Recycle Bin was in early versions of Windows operating systems, and it ‘s still around, being a pre-installed standard system security tool. This is a special reserved area of ​​storage space allocated by the system to temporarily hold deleted user Wikipedia data. Its main purpose is to ensure the safety and integrity of all data moved to Windows Recycle Bin with certain settings, and to enable secure recovery of files that have been accidentally or mistakenly deleted.

User files end up in the trash after certain actions and under certain conditions. A single file or a group of previously selected files are sent to the Windows Recycle Bin if one of the common deletion methods is used:

1.You right-click on the selected files and choose Delete from the context menu;

2. After selecting the files, press the Delete button on the keyboard.

3. In both cases, the Windows Security Service will show you a warning message asking to confirm the action, and only then it will start the process of deleting files.

It should be noted in particular that the methods specified for deleting a file by moving it to the Windows Recycle Bin are only implemented for operations involving internal or external hard disk drives ( HDDs ). For all other types of computers, files are deleted directly and irreversibly, without an intermediate step of placing deleted files in the Windows Recycle Bin . This is related to the design peculiarities of memory devices and the technologies involved (for example, SSDs accelerate read operations with the TRIM function which cleans memory cells of the contents of a deleted file immediately after that file is deleted).

Data Recovery

1.Once files are moved to Windows Recycle Bin , they become available for recovery with the built-in features of this tool.

2. However, files are often deleted without using Windows Recycle Bin and here are the main reasons why it happens:

3. the Windows Recycle Bin is configured to destroy files as soon as they are deleted;

4. the files were irreversibly deleted with the keyboard shortcut Shift + Del , or by holding down the Shift button while selecting the Delete line in the context menu;

5. files were deleted from storage media that do not support moving files to Windows Recycle Bin , for example, USB drives or memory cards of different formats, etc.;

6. the Windows Recycle Bin was deliberately emptied;

the amount of data exceeds the maximum temporary storage size specified in Windows Recycle Bin settings, and it triggers automatic deletion of files previously sent to Windows Recycle Bin ;

effects of various malware (viruses) that may delete important user data, etc.

In such cases, you cannot recover deleted files with Windows Recycle Bin , so it is time to use other methods.

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