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How To Data Recovery Deleted Files How To Data Recovery From Formatted USB Drive

The loss of information on a flash drive, in addition to spoiling the mood, can bring a lot of problems. If there are certain worries about this, it is advisable to go to a service that deals with Data Recovery Services from flash drives. You can also restore the drive under normal conditions. It’s not difficult at all. It takes a little time and an internet connection. Let’s take a closer look at the process of Data Recovery Services from flash drives.

The process of data recovery from flash drives: what and how :

Each storage device has a controller chip. In which a program is installed that allows you to write and read information. Corruption of this program occurs when the device is unsafely removed from the computer or during a power failure. Recognizing damage is very easy. The computer shows the device, but the files on it are not displayed. Damage can be repaired in two steps.

The manufacturer of the flash drive on the official website places special programs for data recovery – utilities. These programs are available for download. You need to know the model of this management controller. To do this, you need to open the device panel and read information from it. This must be done carefully to prevent damage to the microcircuit.

You can try using the available recovery programs USB Review , Check U Disk 5.0, Chip Genius , Usb ID Check to identify chips by the given PID (device identifier) ​​and VID (manufacturer identifier) ​​codes. In this case, you do not have to resort to opening the device. For non-collapsible drives, this is the only way out, the ability to save the device. There is one drawback, the uniqueness of the code is not guaranteed. There is a possibility of identical codes for different drives.

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Second phase :

After receiving the controller identification number, you need to find a utility to restore the device. Next, following the step-by-step instructions of the program, recover Twitter data from flash drives . With a favorable outcome, the device will be rehabilitated. But the data is likely to be lost. The process of recovering data from flash drives is quite difficult, so it is better to seek help from specialists.

If the outcome is unsuccessful, and if the value of the data is not great, it is better to purchase a new flash drive. High quality most often depends on the cost of the drive. It is advisable to buy a device from a reputable manufacturer. 

This storage will last much longer. Protects against loss and damage of information on the media.