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How To Perform RAID Partition Data Recovery Services How To Data Recovery Formatted SSD?

An inadvertently emptied recycle bin, a PC that suddenly crashes, or a defective hard drive… There are many risks of losing your data! Fortunately, solutions exist to restore lost, deleted or inaccessible data.

If you are looking for specialized and very easy to use software to recover lost data, Any Recover for Windows is for you. Indeed, your data does not completely disappear from the hard drive after deletion. And it is precisely these hidden residual files that the data recovery software will be able to search for you. So you still have a chance to recover these precious documents lost or deleted by mistake.

Whatever the nature of the files you lost, it’s a safe bet that Any Facebook Recover will be able to find them. It’s simple: it supports all formats that can be used under Windows, ie more than 1000 different file types. It therefore manages both simple documents (such as classic Word documents or PDFs) and multimedia files.

It can also find less common files, such as executables, and even compressed folders or ISO images. Its use is not limited to the hard disk of a PC. Any Recover can also scan your external hard drives, even if they have been damaged or formatted, your USB drives and even your camera’s SD card for old files.

The software will then proceed in two stages if necessary: ​​first with a quick superficial analysis then, in the event of failure, it will automatically move on to a more in-depth search. This can take several hours, especially if you have a lot of data. But the software allows you to pause the process to resume it later. Any Recover will then display a list of files matching your query, which you can browse in search of your precious lost file.

During a search of this kind, you sometimes find yourself with a very large number of results, which are quite tedious to go through. AnyRecover makes it easy for you, by allowing you to filter the data: by name, type, date, etc. It also displays a quick preview, which is very convenient for searching for images. And when you finally have the right file in front of you, all you have to do is save it again on the hard disk, in the location of your choice.

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