2 Bedroom Court

Our 2 bedroom court side cabins sit in a beautiful field near a sandy beach¬†and comes with a beautiful view of the Ottawa River as well as the Laurentian mountain range. So whether you like to sit on the porch and take in the view or enjoy a fire on the beach these cabins are just right for you. All of our cabins come with cooking facilities including BBQ’s spread out through the camp and full washrooms including showers.

Cabin #3

Cabin #3 is located in the middle of our court across the road from our BBQ pit. It has 2 bedrooms with a double and 2 single beds.

Cabin #4

Cabin #4 is located towards the end of the court. This cabin is a 2 bedroom with 2 double beds.

Cabin #5

Cabin #5 is located at the end of the court closer to docks. This cabin has 2 bedrooms with 2 double beds.